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Dedicated to the Persistence of the Woodland Caribou (Rangifer Tarandus caribou) in the Lake Superior Watershed.

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Our older website content from 2018, including the FAQ which still contains important information, may be found here. Included on the old site are media links and important and detailed contextual discussions.

Though dramatic, the caribou rescue translocations of 2018 were only one small part of the continuing story of the Lake Superior caribou. The successful conservation and stewardship of this species will demand attention and competent management likely forevermore. Our group’s long-term goals are 1) to see caribou populations become largely self-sustaining on Lake Superior’s islands and its shoreline as they once were; and 2) to see the reestablishment of connectivity between Lake Superior’s caribou populations and caribou populations further to the north. Realizing these goals requires immediate intensive intervention both now and into the foreseeable future undertaken precisely so that such intervention ultimately becomes unnecessary. In other words, if the people of Ontario wish to see Lake Superior’s caribou persist, then work to ensure this is very far from over. Caribou persistence is a very achievable goal if we choose to commit to it, and choose to follow through with that commitment. We owe it to ourselves, to future generations, and to the caribou to fight for persistence.

From time to time, we will be issuing updates through this website to keep you, the public which cares about caribou, informed.

Let Premier Doug Ford (, @FordNation) and Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Jeff Yurek (, @JeffYurekMPP) know that you love Lake Superior’s caribou and that they should do everything they can to ensure a bright future for these animals.

Update 2020/10/09: What’s the story and where do things stand today? Please see our update document! Get up to date, because caribou need your help again! Your emails, letters, tweets and other engagements motivated the rescue of the last of Lake Superior’s island caribou in 2018. Despite our ceaseless efforts, as of now, the Government of Ontario has indicated no willingness to undertake the important next actions which are urgently needed to conserve Lake Superior’s remaining north shore caribou. Your engagement can change that though!